fredag 2 december 2011

Chips, Stephen Stills och Punken

Mitt första blogginlägg var en lista med Urrke Thunmans 20 udda punkfavoriter, samtidigt som jag fick Urrke att göra den lista så lyckades Chips Kiesby från Sator övertalas att göra en likadan. Chips är förutom att vara en legend som en av frontmännen i Sator utan även spelat med Thåström och producerat bla. Hellacopters, Sahara Hotnights, Wilmer x och håller just nu på med Nomads kommande platta. Dessutom ryktas det om att Chips har en av de bästa punksamlingarna i landet och Sators coverskiva Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1 visar på en grym smak för det mindre käända.

Jag tänkte göra en intervju med Chips om hans favoritlåtar men hittade en intervju med Stephen Stills, en fantastisk artist som gör grymma skivor men detta från Rolling Stone 1977 där han kommenterar olika skivor är nästan för roligt. Chips lista ser ni därunder och en länk finns givetvis.

This 1977 Rolling Stone interview with Stephen Stills. "The following opinions pretty much confirm Stills as my personal deity," says Cox. "Everything that's ever been right and wrong about music is summed up in eight short reviews."

In the late 1970s it was rumoured that Stills (best known for his work in Crosby, Stills and Nash with songs such as the yacht rock classic Dark Star, and for solo hits such as Love The One You're With) had a bodyguard to protect him from members of the Clash, the Ramones and other bands. What did Stills do that made these punks hate him so much?

According to Scharpling and Wurster, it was all down to a series in Rolling Stone magazine called Rock Star Rate-A-Record. "The concept was simple: sit a rocker down with a handful of current releases and let them give mini-reviews. And nothing illustrated the chasm between the new punk upstarts and the older rock establishment better than the June, 4 1977 Rate-A-Record session with Stills (whose comments are in italics)."

Ramones –“Sheena is a Punk Rocker”:

This is that punk shit everyone’s going nuts over? Sounds like four 6-year-olds picking up instruments for the first time. This sucks.

The Clash –“White Riot”:

This is worse than the one you just played me. Whatever happened to singing? Is this some kind of pro-KKK thing? This is what we marched against back in the sixties!

Fleetwood Mac –“Dreams”:

Now that’s more like it. This is a monster record by a great band. Listen to that groove my man Mick is laying down. Oh, Stevie, you are my number one gypsy goddess.

Sex Pistols –“God Save the Queen”:

Johnny ‘Rotten’ is right. What a crock of shit this band is. They think they’re dangerous? They’ve never seen Crosby when the burgers and beers run out.

The Eagles –“Hotel California”:

Wow. This could be the best thing these cats have ever done. And that is saying something. Joe Walsh is killing it on that solo, too. A+

Patti Smith –“Hey Joe”:

First question: is this a guy or a chick? Second question: How much do I have to pay him/her to never ruin another classic rock song again?

Foreigner –“Feels Like the First Time”:

Now THIS is what the new rock and roll should sound like. The guitar is loud and dirty but also tasteful. And this guy can sing. Hey, Clash…school’s in session…and Foreigner is your teacher!

Chips udda punkfavoriter

1. Maids – Back to Bataan

2. Metal Urbain – Paris Maquis

3. Nasty Facts –Drive my car

4. Gazoline – Killer man

5. Wipers – Better off dead

6. Mad – I Hate Music

7. Deadbeats – Kill the Hippies

8. Urinals – Ack ack ack ack

9. The Germs – Lexicon Devil

10. Freestone – Bummerbitch

11. Fast Cars – You’re so Funny

12. Zero Boys – High Places

13. Bad Brains – Pay to cum

14. Fear – Beef Baloney

15. Satan’s rats – You Make me sick

16. Mekons – Never been in a riot

17. Filth – Don’t hide your hate

18. Dow Jones and the Industrials – Can’t stand the Midwest

19. Ice 9 – Out out out

20. Maggots – Tammy Wynette

21. Shirkers – Drunk & Disorderly

22. V2 – Man in the box

23. Automatics – When those tanks roll over Poland again

24. Spelling Mistake – Hate me, Hate me

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  1. Det här inlägget var ju en kulturgärning. Bästa jag läst på hela veckan.

  2. Californiens Jojje Wadenius! Minns hans utlägg om "pank-rock" 1977.